2018 Resilient Farmer Roadshow—Building Habits to Be a Successful Risk Manager

These free half-day events start with registration at 8:30. There will be several speakers presenting on a wide range of topics. Growers will hear lots of practical, actionable advice to help their bottom lines and feel more confident about managing the business side of their operations.

Dekalb Feb. 13
Galesburg Feb. 14
Bloomington Feb. 15
Effingham/Altamont Feb. 20
Mt. Vernon Feb. 21

Gary Schnitkey, Ph.D., will be talking about research findings and the habits of resilient farmers—specific things successful farmers do and other farmers can learn.

FBFM will also present about cash-flow planning. Their presentation will be supplemented with an afternoon working session where farmers will be able to look at actual cash-flow worksheets and work through the process of developing and implementing a cash flow plan.

Other topics include making good agronomic decisions based on profitability and return on investment, as well as discussions on crop insurance and grain marketing.

Free lunch will also be provided.

Key Resilient-Farmer Habits:

  1. Innovative, but not on the bleeding edge of technology
  2. Always evaluating new technologies
  3. Return is an important evaluation criteria
  4. Cost control is paramount
  5. Production is maintained at high levels
  6. The right expertise is brought to the farm
  7. Non-timing price opportunities are sought


Learn more about the event here.

Illinois Soybean Association
The Illinois Soybean Association (ISA) is a statewide organization that strives to enable Illinois soybean producers to be the most knowledgeable and profitable soybean producers around the world. ISA represents more than 43,000 soybean farmers in Illinois through two primary roles; the state soybean checkoff and legislative and regulatory advocacy efforts.



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