Learn about Illinois Soybeans

Illinois is a leading soybean-producing state located in the heart of farm country in the United States. Illinois farmers raise a consistent supply of high-quality soybeans that are grown sustainably and delivered efficiently. The Illinois Soybean Association welcomes soybean, meal and oil buyers from around the world to see our soybean industry firsthand, from the Chicago Board of Trade to our fields and transportation system. Illinois soybeans offer advantages for domestic and international buyers.
Learn about Illinois Soybeans

Illinois: A Global Leader in Soybean Production

  • Sustainable Approach, Quality Composition, Consistent Supply, Transportation Options
  • Illinois is Soybeans
  • Our Sustainable Approach
  • We Pay Attention to Composition
  • We Offer Consistent Supply
  • We Can Transport Anywhere
  • Meet Our Farmers

Illinois: A Global Leader in Soybean Production brochure (PDF)

Eric Woodie

Trade Analyst and Facilitator


Want to learn more about buying soybeans or soy products from Illinois? Eric Woodie connects potential customers with local companies that have export capabilities matching specific needs. He also helps all parties navigate initial transactions.

Eric Woodie

David Headley

Trade Team Lead


Consider visiting Illinois to learn about our soybean production, supply and delivery firsthand. David Headley helps trade teams plan their trips to Illinois and often serves as a local guide and resource as visitors meet with farmers and industry leaders.

David Headley

Industry Resources

Associations and key industry members provide information to help current and potential customers understand logistics of buying soybeans from the United States.

United States Government Resources

Resources from the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) and other departments help buyers and sellers successfully navigate commodity trade regulations and requirements.