B20 Club: Models of Success

Millions of individuals and fleets across the United States use biodiesel fuel for efficient and economical diesel vehicle performance. Look to the members of the B20 Club for examples of biodiesel success in Illinois. A partnership between the Illinois Soybean Association and the American Lung Association in Illinois, the B20 Club recognizes a select group of Illinois-based organizations with strong commitments to run fleets on biodiesel blends of 20 percent or greater. The 15 B20 Club members use a total of 6.3 million gallons of B20 biodiesel annually, contributing to cleaner air and more sustainable operations throughout Illinois.
    Award-winning B20 Club
    The B20 Club received the Industry Partnership Award from the National Biodiesel Board (NBB), recognizing the success of the program as a platform to showcase fleets using B20 biodiesel blends. Pictured at the award presentation, from left to right, are: Tom Verry, NBB director of outreach and development, John DeRosa, director of environmental health, American Lung Association in Illinois; Jeff Lynn, Illinois Soybean Association board member; and Donnell Rehagen, NBB chief executive officer.
    Industry Partnership Award Group Photo
    B20: Good for Your Fleet and Your Community
    You probably already know that biodiesel is a renewable, clean-burning alternative to petroleum diesel that supports Illinois agriculture and spurs our state's economy. However, did you know that by choosing to use biodiesel blends of B20 and greater, fleets across Illinois are giving back to their communities, too? B20 has proven emission and health benefits. John DeRosa, director, American Lung Association in Illinois, explains more in this short video.
    It’s Easy Being Green with Biodiesel
    Using biodiesel is an easy way for fleets and municipalities to improve air quality in their communities and reduce their carbon footprint. Running the renewable fuel also supports Illinois’s agriculture economy. See how easy it is to be green with biodiesel in this short video.

B20 Club Associate Members

B20 Club Associate Members represent the production and marketing sectors of the biodiesel industry. These organizations are BQ-9000 certified, serve Illinois-based customers and are valuable resources for fleet owners and managers interested in fueling with B20.

B20 Club Affiliated Partners

Affiliated Partners of the B20 Club include not-for-profits, government agencies and other entities that promote and recognize biodiesel as a high-quality alternative fuel source.

B20 Club Contacts

Rebecca Richardson

Biodiesel Lead


Rebecca Richardson directs biodiesel education and outreach activities funded by the Illinois Soybean Association checkoff program. She is active in the fuel industry, serving on the U.S. Weights and Measures Committee.

Bailey Arnold

Senior Manager, Environmental Health


Bailey Arnold coordinates all B20 Club support and outreach activities. Bailey joined ALAIL in 2015 and has more than five years of experience in the health and sustainability fields. He is passionate about urban sustainability and the environment.