Village of Arlington Heights

"As a means to reduce harmful emissions the Public Works Department has been using biodiesel fuel since 2007. Through the use of biodiesel fuel, the Village is making significant progress toward improving air quality by reducing soot, hydrocarbon, and carbon monoxide emission levels."

Ray Salisbury, Fleet Services Foreman

Village of Arlington Heights

222 North Ridge Avenue

Arlington Heights, IL 60005

75,733 Gallons of B20 Used Annually

Annual Reduction of 136.2​ Tons of CO2 Emissions

Annual Reduction in CO2 Emissions = 3,530Trees Planted

Annual Reduction in CO2 Emissions = 29 Fewer Cars on the Road

  • The Village of Arlington Heights Public Works Department maintains a fleet of 365 fleet vehicles, including 122 diesel vehicles that operate on B20 biodiesel year round.
    Arlington Heights Public Works
  • In addition to supporting alternative fuel, the Village retrofitted 10 public works trucks with diesel particulate exhaust filters (DPF) in 2007. The Village also has acquired 12 hybrid vehicles that have helped reduce annual fuel consumption by as much as 3,000 gallons and saves the Village an average $7,500 each year.
    Arlington Heights Public Works
  • The Village of Arlington Heights is a proud USEPA Pollution Prevention Program participant, achieving pollution-related solutions that positively impact the environment and local economy.
    Arlington Heights Public Works