S.K. Davison

"When you have the opportunity to benefit the environment, your nation's energy independence and your farming community at no additional cost, it's a no brainer."

Sharon Davison, Owner

S.K. Davison

124 Dogwood Boulevard): 111 S. Peoria St.

P.O. Box 154

New Holland, IL 62671

107,558 Gallons of B20 Used Annually

Annual Reduction of 193.6 Tons of CO2 Emissions

Annual Reduction in CO2 Emissions = 5,017​​ Trees Planted

Annual Reduction in CO2 Emissions = 41 Fewer Cars on the Road

  • S.K. Davison has been serving the New Holland, IL area since 1996.
    Truck and two men
  • The family-run business specializes in local and regional hauls of fertilizer, grain, rock and asphalt.
  • The fleet includes 18 trucks that together travel approximately 800,000 miles per year.
  • Truck