Forest Preserve District of DuPage County

“Biodiesel has been an integral way for the District to continue to efficiently operate while also reducing costs and emissions.” 

"The switch to biodiesel was seamless, as there was no vehicle or engine modifications needed and the benefits we see in emission-reduction are huge."

"Biodiesel runs so smoothly in our engines - our mechanics didn't even notice a difference."

Drew Bergenthal, Fleet Specialist
Forest Preserve District of DuPage County
P.O. Box 5000
Wheaton, IL 60189-5000

49,528 Gallons of B20 Used Annually

Annual Reduction of 89 Tons of CO2 Emissions

Annual Reduction in CO2 Emissions = 2,307 Trees Planted

Annual Reduction in CO2 Emissions = 19 Fewer Cars on the Road

  • The Forest Preserve District of DuPage County is a nationally recognized conservation agency that envisions a community in which all citizens share a connection with nature and an appreciation for cultural history. The District serves as a responsible steward of the financial and natural resources that have been entrusted to it by the citizens of DuPage County.
  • The District is also committed to the responsible and sustainable preservation and use of the natural lands, waterways, plant and animal life under its protection for current and future generations. To ensure its long-term ability to continue its mission, the District is guided by a commitment to financial and operational sustainability.
  • As a part of their continued commitment to sustainable practices, the District operates a number of vehicles on alternative fuels like CNG and B20 biodiesel – allowing them to reduce their carbon footprint, while maintaining the environments they are entrusted with protecting.