City of Moline

"B20 is one of the most exciting advances the fuel industry has had happen in a long time. It burns clean, provides engine lubricity, and utilizes Illinois crops. Our state's farmers are going to benefit from this.

"We have been using biodiesel for nearly 10 years in the City of Moline fleet. We're also helping other agencies improve air quality across our region by serving as the exclusive provider of biodiesel to the fleets of the City of East Moline, Moline Schools, Black Hawk College and the Moline Housing Authority."

J.D. Schulte, Fleet Manager

City of Moline

635 4th Ave.

Moline, IL 61265

88,729 Gallons of B20 Used Annually

Annual Reduction of 159.6 Tons of CO2 Emissions

Annual Reduction in CO2 Emissions = 4,136 Trees Planted

Annual Reduction in CO2 Emissions = 34 Fewer Cars on the Road

  • The City of Moline Fleet Division takes pride in being an Illinois Green Fleet.
  • The fleet includes 99 units that use B20 biodiesel, 56 units that use E-85, 12 hybrid-electric Ford Fusions, 21 CNG fueled units and three all-electric vehicles. The city plans to add seven more CNG units to its fleet in 2018.
    Truck Cab
  • The Fleet Services Division provides a centralized fleet to all the departments in the City of Moline. The Cityís 380 pieces of equipment includes vehicles, trucks, heavy construction equipment, police cars and emergency response vehicles.
  • The Fleet Division is responsible for the central fuel facility that provides Biodiesel, Unleaded, E85 and Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) fuels under an LED lighted canopy, 365 days per year.