Ag-Land FS, Inc.

"Biodiesel is a quality fuel that's good for business. It's powerful, efficient, sustainable, and it supports the local economy."

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Kevin Lockart, EMS, Energy Consultant

Ag-Land FS Commercial Energy

1505 Valle Vista Blvd #7

Pekin, IL 61554

222,000 Gallons of B20 Used Annually

Annual Reduction of 399.6 Tons of CO2 Emissions

Annual Reduction in CO2 Emissions = 10,356 Trees Planted

Annual Reduction in CO2 Emissions = 85 Fewer Cars on the Road

  • Ag-Land FS, Inc. is a locally owned ag cooperative serving producers in Peoria, Tazewell, and Logan counties in Illinois as well as providing biodiesel services in South Carolina. Ag-Land FS operates over 150 pieces of equipment including fuel haulers, tractors, semis, and various other agriculture and industry service vehicles on B20 blends year-round.
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