Calling all farmers:  Help Showcase U.S. Soybean Industry Success

After three years of sample collection, Illinois Soybean Association launches a program in fall of 2015 to showcase the U.S. industry commitment to unsurpassed yield and quality, and farmers are teaming up to help prove it by putting a few of their beans into postage-paid sample bags.

The program is called HY+Q, for High Yield Plus Quality.  HY+Q takes a new approach to showing the world that the U.S. soybean industry means business about yield and quality. The program goal is to increase soybean value from seed to feed.

ISA is recruiting farmers to send in soybean samples, so we can prove the U.S. has the right stuff.  In addition to measuring protein, we’re recruiting farmers to help get the best the U.S. has to offer in special shipments to global customers.  Click to get your postage-paid sample kit.


Check out what farmers have to say about showcasing U.S. excellence after they learned the composition of their soybeans.

The HY+Q Effect

Showcasing HY+Q


Rethinking Yield and Quality

Three years of protein and oil testing prove farmers do a great (yet unsung) job producing top soybean yields and quality. Yield is a familiar topic, but quality is the other side of the coin that doesn’t get enough time in the spotlight. The only reasons people pay for yield are protein and oil. We need to tell the whole story of farmer success, because that boosts demand and supports higher prices.

Elevator and farmer studies – and seed company data collected from 10 states to date show:

  • Protein levels vary less than yield.
  • Three years of Illinois samples show patterns of higher protein in the north and east, an unexpected result. Protein and oil concentrations vary year to year, within regions and by regions. 
  • 2014 and 2013 yielded higher protein than 2012. The most significant difference was the weather (the 2012 drought), which raises more questions about weather and composition. 



Celebrating Industry Success

The HY+Q program also recognizes industry success bringing high-quality soybeans to the marketplace. This year, ISA is finding growers who produce soybeans that exceed the 19:35 oil-protein target. Then, we’re giving credit to soybean growers, the seed companies they work with, and others in the value chain that support HY+Q.

Recognizing Seed Industry Support

ISA applauds the 11 seed companies and other businesses that either have or are helping soybean farmers learn more about soybean yield and quality, while creating increased awareness of soybean composition and its importance during research and development.  Seed company participants and their individual results are confidential.  It’s an industry-wide opportunity, so  please check back here soon to see a list of seed company partners who are letting people know they’re teaming up with farmers to collect composition data and support soybean success from seed to feed.

Building Long-Term Value

The world needs multiple soybean compositional quality traits. Amino acids, high-oleic oil, higher-energy, low-carb, or other traits have tremendous value, too. So HY+Q opportunities reach beyond protein. The same industry relationships built by HY+Q also make it easier to bring other traits to market. The United Soybean Board has identified traits that can increase soybean value and expand markets. HY+Q success today ensures industry success tomorrow.

HY+Q Flyer

The soybean industry wants U.S. soy to be recognized as the best: incredible yields, excellent quality and, of course, highly profitable.




Have Questions About How Soy Can be Used?

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