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Double Crop

Cold Snap Zap

Soy Envoy Kathryn Kamman shares how detrimental a light frost to a heavy freeze will be on yield in double crop soybeans.

By |October 11, 2022|

PODCAST: Successfully Double-Cropping Soybeans

Scott Eversgerd, CCA Soy Envoy and Pioneer field agronomist, joins the podcast this month to discuss double-cropping soybeans and what growers can do to maximize yields on those acres. He provides tips to help get the crop off to a good start and also gives an update on wheat crop harvest conditions. ILSoyAdvisor Podcasts · Successfully Double-Cropping Soybeans

By |June 15, 2021|

Timely Tips for Planting Double Crop Beans

Wheat harvest will begin in the southern-most tip of Illinois in just a matter of days, and double crop soybean planting will be right behind it. For many years, it was widely accepted that this crop of beans was just a bonus and that counting on any bushels from this crop was risky. We have discovered that with a few management tweaks and attention to detail, these acres can yield extremely well and will often compete with full season beans on yield. Below are some discussion points around maximizing the yield of this crop: Planting Date – The data [...]

By |June 9, 2021|

Wheat Yield Winners Offer Double-Crop Management Tips

Double-cropping wheat and soybeans is a popular strategy in parts of Illinois. Farmers who won the Illinois Wheat Association’s (IWA) 2020 yield contest recently offered their tips for success during the 2021 Double-Crop Farmers Forum sponsored by ISA, the IWA and others. David Justison from Montgomery County placed first with a yield of 126.7 bushels, Dan Rubin of Fayette County was second with 124.7 bushels and Dale Wehmeyer from St. Clair County was the third-place winner with a yield of 119.4 bushels per acre. The management practices below are some of the highlights as discussed by these three farmers [...]

By |February 5, 2021|

When in Doubt, Assume it will be a Record in 2021

It looks like 2021 will be a banner year when it comes to crop statistics. Guy Allen, senior economist with Kansas State University International Grains Program, told participants in the 2021 Double-Crop Farmers Forum that wheat, soybeans and corn will all likely set various domestic and world records for production and consumption this year. The forum was sponsored by ISA, the Illinois Wheat Association and several other partners. “I don’t know if I have seen such a plethora of issues driving the commodity markets,” Allen says. Here is a look at the macroeconomic factors he believes could impact price [...]

By |February 5, 2021|

Double Crop Strategies Bring Challenges and Rewards

Double cropping is a way for farmers to get the most out of their land. Using a double crop strategy can be difficult but reaps a great reward for farmers willing to take on the challenge. Double-crop soybeans have become a part of my cropping strategy the last several years here in Southern Illinois. One of the main reasons I like to use this strategy is to encourage more crop diversity. Since I farm in southern Illinois, we don’t raise the corn crops like they do up in central and northern Illinois. Planting Preparations There are two items farmers [...]

By |January 20, 2021|

Warm Fall Weather Leads to Increase in Wheat Planting

As we approach the last week of October, most of the wheat seeding is complete in Illinois and as we count acres, wheat planting is definitely up. Looking at the historical wheat areas of Southern Illinois, I would guess acres are up 30-40% over the previous year. The combination of a moderately early harvest, dry field conditions and $6 plus wheat have all played a part in driving acres up. While the window to plant has been very wide, conditions have been good, but not ideal, in a lot of the area. The old sayin’ goes “Plant in the [...]

By |November 3, 2020|

Wheat-Double-Crop Soybeans Competitive with Corn

This article was originally published on the farmdoc Daily website by Gary Schnitkey, Krista Swanson and Carl Zulauf. As wheat planting season approaches, we evaluate expected returns for crop rotations that include wheat.  Given current 2021 grain bids, a combination of wheat and double-crop-soybeans is projected more profitable than either corn or stand-alone-soybeans in southern Illinois. Wheat alone is not more profitable than either corn or stand-alone soybeans. In central Illinois, stand-alone soybeans are projected more profitable than wheat-double-crop-soybeans. Current 2021 Commodity Bids in Historical Perspective Current bids for 2021 delivery in southern Illinois are: Wheat: $5.40 per bushel [...]

By |September 10, 2020|

Wheat Quality Considerations

The wheat crop in southern Illinois has been through a lot since last fall but has seemed to persevere, and the yield outlook is optimistically high. As we go back to last fall and think about planting conditions and fall growth/development, it was really a mixed bag with some of the earliest plantings doing well. Later plantings, however, suffered through a cold, wet November. Thankfully, the mild temperatures over the winter allowed the crop to recover, and we are looking at what appears to be a pretty good crop. The recent cold temperatures have put some yield at risk, [...]

By |May 24, 2020|
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