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Randy Niver

What STS Means and Why You Should Care

Why does my soybean variety have “STS” or “SR” listed with it and what does it mean for my planting season? In 1994 sulfonylurea-tolerant soybeans (STS), then later sulfonylurea ready (SR), were introduced to help growers control troublesome broadleaf weeds. These STS or SR traits are native, non-GM traits, that make the soybean more tolerant to sulfonylurea herbicides. Sulfonylurea herbicides work by inhibiting the ALS (acetolactate synthase) enzyme, which plays an important role in forming necessary proteins for the plant’s growth and development. This causes the weed—or non-STS soybean plant—to starve because it cannot get the necessary proteins for [...]

By |February 13, 2020|
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