Animal Agriculture: An Economic Engine for Illinois

Animal agriculture provides significant income and jobs in Illinois. The animal agriculture industry – raising and processing meat and dairy and animal feed production – is an economic engine for Illinois. Animal agriculture generates real economic growth, employing over 59,700 people in Illinois and creating an additional $80 for every $100 invested.

The maps below shows where the nearly $16.8 billion in animal agriculture comes from in Illinois. Animal agriculture is the No. 1 customer for Illinois soybeans. See how cattle, pork, poultry and meat and dairy processing contribute to the animal agriculture industry. Roll over a county to see the total animal agriculture output and jobs. Clicking categories above the map will change the map color to show prominent counties and regions for each segment of animal agriculture. The total animal agriculture industry economic contribution will be more than the sum of industry segments shown.

Source: 2015 Illinois Agriculture Economic Contribution Study, Decision Innovation Solutions.