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There’s never been a better time to start taking steps towards a more secure future for your farm. Miss out on the 2021 AMP Summer Seminar? No worries, we recorded both days! All past event recordings are available on ISA's YouTube channel-links below.

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AMP Summer Webinars - Dates and Speakers

The Farm Legacy – Planning for Tomorrow

As our farm families grow in size and wealth, we must take steps to efficiently transition assets to the next generation. This workshop focuses on reviewing your estate and transition planning objectives while providing real-life examples and solutions. We will discuss opportunities and options that may work for your operation and help start the conversations of this challenging topic.

Presented by Scott Jensen, Financial Planning Consultant - Country Financial

Located in Salem, Oregon, Scott provides expertise in all areas of financial planning, including business continuation, investment management, education funding, insurance needs, and retirement accumulation and distribution.

Making Sense of Pending Tax Proposals: What to Expect

This workshop focuses on how proposed legislation funnels through each sector of government and compares current estate tax legislation to the proposed estate tax legislation.  The key to successful estate tax planning is to stay calm, educate yourself on potential outcomes of strategic management decisions and obtain the desired tax result.

Presented by Kristine Tidgren, Dolezal Adjunct Assistant Professor, Director of the Center for Agricultural Law and Taxation - Iowa State University

Kristine is an adjunct assistant professor in the Agricultural Education & Studies Department and the director for the Center for Agricultural Law and Taxation. Kristine’s work focuses on studying and interpreting laws impacting the agricultural industry. In particular, she focuses on agricultural taxation. Before coming to ISU, Kristine worked for a legal publishing company and as a practicing attorney. She received her J.D., Order of the Coif, from the University of Texas at Austin and her B.A. in journalism from Iowa State. She grew up on a farm in west central Iowa.

Managing Landowner-Tenant Relationships in Today’s Ag Industry

This workshop will focus on the challenges and opportunities of working with your landowner to successfully operate your farm business. Landowners as a group are changing with many being generationally and geographically removed from first-hand farming experiences. The key to working with them is open and frequent communication. We will discuss who these landowners are and strategies for managing one of the most important business relationships in farming.

Presented by Mykel Taylor, Alfa Endowed Eminent Scholar and associate professor - Auburn University

Dr. Mykel Taylor is the Alfa Endowed Eminent Scholar and associate professor in the Department of Agricultural Economics and Rural Sociology at Auburn University. Prior to this appointment, she held faculty positions at Kansas State University and Washington State University as an extension economist. Her current role as Alfa Endowed Eminent Scholar is to provide leadership in research and teaching in the areas of land markets and farm management. Dr. Taylor works in partnership with stakeholders from state, national, and international organizations engaging with agricultural producers, industry, and nonprofits formulating food and agriculture policies.

Estate Planning in 2021 - Here and Now?

This workshop will focus on estate valuation, estate tax calculation and how to navigate estate and transition planning in 2021. The presentation team will provide detailed examples and techniques for attendees to consider in their operation.

Presented by Bob Rhea, CEO - Illinois FBFM and Alyssa Stewart, Attorney

Bob Rhea has assisted farmers with accounting, tax and consulting services in West-Central Illinois through the Illinois FBFM Association since July 1, 1984. He prepares over 550 tax returns annually, completes business analysis reports each year for farm families, and prepares detailed financials for larger farm operations along with making approximately 300 farm business visits each year. As an instructor for the University of Illinois Tax School, Bob presents at farm and tax update seminars reaching an audience of over 1,500 tax preparers. Formal education includes degrees from John Wood Community College, Western Illinois University and the University of Illinois.

Alyssa Stewart joined the firm in June 2008. She currently resides in Burlington Iowa with her husband, Steve, and two energetic children. She is actively involved in the local community through her service on various boards and in her church, where she serves on various committees. Alyssa’s practice is a general practice including but not limited to the areas of estate planning, probate and estate administration, real estate, business law and taxation.

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