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October 2021

For carbon and ESG markets, one thing is clear—it takes a village

Contributed by Bradford Warner Vice President of Sustainability & Business Development, Farmobile The increasingly frenetic and frequent conversations around carbon markets, water quality, regenerative ag, and sustainability have spawned more questions than answers. What Farmobile can definitively say is that carbon credit and environmental, social and governance (ESG) markets are not going away. A new market is popping up every week, every month. At the grower level, however, there are a lot of questions. Is this for me? What hoops will I have to jump through? What will I have to do to participate? Perhaps most importantly, is this [...]

By |October 28, 2021|

Using Harvest Aids/Desiccants in Soybeans

Soybean desiccation Soybean desiccation is not a new tool in other parts of the country, it has just not been used in Illinois with any frequency. In the past, harvest aids have been used to remedy problems that interfered with efficient soybean harvest e.g., green stems or excessive weeds. What is new is that more farmers are looking to desiccation in combination with earlier planting for an earlier harvest and reduced harvest loss and foreign materials (FM) that can lead to dockage. The potential yield advantage with earlier planting has been well-documented and 2021 saw many growers planting a [...]

By |October 4, 2021|

Are Your Crops Networking?

In my blog from July 26, 2021, I discussed ‘The Hidden World Beneath Your Feet,’ a look at some of the microscopic inhabitants of the soil that influence soil health and crop productivity. In this article, we will take a closer look at mycorrhizal fungi to understand what they are and why they might be important to crop productivity. Are your crops networking? I am not suggesting that your soybean plants should attend a cocktail party or join a popular online networking app. Instead, I am referring to the presence of mycorrhizal fungi in the soil and the association [...]

By |October 1, 2021|

Drive Harvest Profitability with Digital

It’s gettin’ busy in the Midwest. When it comes to harvest, no one knows your land and crops better than you. But don’t forget to dig into your data. On average, U.S. corn and soybean farms generate more than 2,500 data records during a typical 10-month growing season. The data captured this season, and years past, can take you well beyond last year’s yield and this year’s growing conditions and provide invaluable insights to prioritize decisions before, during and after harvest. Digital tools like Granular Insights™ make it easy for farmers to tap into the often siloed data on [...]

By |October 1, 2021|
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