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Dicamba Pesticide Applicators Training—Pre-Register Now

With more than 15,000 licensed agriculture pesticide applicators, Illinois Department of Ag (IDOA), Illinois Fertilizer and Chemical Association (IFCA) and industry groups have undertaken a massive effort to ensure proper training for anyone and everyone who might apply dicamba products in 2018. Although applicators are required to have training, IFCA and IDOA encourage everyone who plants dicamba tolerant soybeans to attend a class and understand the careful approach that must be taken to successfully steward this technology. IDOA approved the training materials for the 90-minute classes to ensure quality and consistency. Those completing the training receive a certificate, which [...]

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Tips for preemerge herbicide use

We have exited the Roundup Ready® era when all we had to do was apply a shot or two of a glyphosate herbicide and were rewarded with clean fields. Weed control was never so easy. Today we have entered the era of near-mandatory use of preemergence residual herbicides, along with different post combinations. Residual herbicides have been on the market for a long time now and savvy growers made routine use of them in their weed control program. They controlled weeds as seeds germinated and provided some protection when post applications were delayed due to rainfall or inclement weather. [...]

By |December 27, 2017|

2018 Resilient Farmer Roadshow—Building Habits to Be a Successful Risk Manager

These free half-day events start with registration at 8:30. There will be several speakers presenting on a wide range of topics. Growers will hear lots of practical, actionable advice to help their bottom lines and feel more confident about managing the business side of their operations. Dekalb Feb. 13 Galesburg Feb. 14 Bloomington Feb. 15 Effingham/Altamont Feb. 20 Mt. Vernon Feb. 21 Gary Schnitkey, Ph.D., will be talking about research findings and the habits of resilient farmers—specific things successful farmers do and other farmers can learn. FBFM will also present about cash-flow planning. Their presentation will be supplemented [...]

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It’s a Big World, But We’re All Closer Than You Think

I have been volunteering for the past 14 years with an organization called Foods Resource Bank (FRB). FRB raises funds in the U.S.—usually through a church, organization or individuals forming a Growing Project, growing and selling a crop—and sends the funds to FRB. Then we use that money to help small holder farmers become food secure through programs organized by our 16 implementing partners all around the world. The week after Thanksgiving I traveled with FRB to Nicaragua to visit two ongoing programs that are funded by the organization to help farmers (<1 to 10 acres, generally) improve their [...]

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Moving Beyond Best Recommended Practices

Soybeans yields are steadily improving in Illinois and we can thank continued improvements in both genetics and management for these gains. Seed companies continue to push the genetic barriers and farmers and companies continue to innovate technologies and practices. Fred Below, Ph.D., University of Illinois, has identified his Six Secrets that lead to soybean success: Weather: The number one influence on soybean yields, but beyond our control. Fertility: Proactive fertilization can boost yields over the 60-bushel mark. Foliar protection: Fungicides and insecticides protect foliage and prevent yield loss. Genetics: The fullest maturities for the region produce the greatest yield [...]

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Springfield is the Capital of Soybean Knowledge on Jan. 11

ILSoyAdvisor will deliver in-depth yield and profitability advice to Illinois soybean farmers at the 2018 Soybean Summit on Jan. 11. Held at the Wyndham Springfield City Centre from 7 a.m. to 4 p.m., this free event provides a full day of expert advice, proven research and collaborative information. ILSoyAdvisor Soybean Summit is sponsored by the Illinois Soybean Association checkoff program. This year’s summit will update soybean farmers and industry participants on the latest management techniques and new products and services for soybean production. “If you grow soybeans—especially if you want bigger yields and better profits—you need to attend the [...]

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Increasing your knowledge

Are you an agronomist, CCA or producer and want to increase your knowledge about crop management? Attend the Illinois CCA and Ag Masters Conferences and earn up to 7.5 CEUs at CCA and 7.0 at Ag Masters. Illinois CCA Conference Ag Masters Conference Dec. 6 – 7, 2017 Crowne Plaza, Springfield, The CCA Conference will be held the first day, Wednesday, December 6. Speakers include Sally Fils; TFI Ivan Dozier, NRCS; Mary Tate, Kellogg Co.; Warren Goetsch and Doug Owens, IDoA; Jean Payne, IFCA; Heidi Peterson, IPNI; and University of Illinois faculty Emerson Nafziger, Laura Christianson and Gary Schnitkey. [...]

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ISA Debuts Winter Learning Series for Regional Soybean Advice

This winter ILSoyAdvisor is “going local” with a brand-new series of learning opportunities spread out across the state. The Better Beans Series is comprised of regional events offering soybean farmers the chance to connect with crop consultants, agronomists, industry representatives and fellow farmers. Sponsored by the Illinois Soybean Association (ISA) checkoff program and running between Jan. 30 and Feb. 22, Better Beans Series meetings will take place in Polo, Mendota, Jacksonville, Altamont and Fairview Heights. Each half-day event will run from 7 a.m. until 1 p.m. and will offer free registration, breakfast and lunch. Certified crop advisers (CCAs) can [...]

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It’s “Draft Season” for 2018 Planting

Soybean variety selection is the first important decision you make, and seed companies take this very seriously. I don’t know about you, but I have a house full of sports fans, so when we start talking about a soybean line-up I often think of it as a “soybean sports team.” Every team manager (or company) is going to have a different strategy as well as different needs, but in the end the goal of a seed company is to strengthen their soybean line-up with improvements that meet customer standards and yield expectations. Thanks to weed resistance, the reality when [...]

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WEBINAR: Managing P and K on Soybeans by Soil Test Level, Yield Expectation and Water Quality

Potash Corp. Director of Agronomy Robert Mullen discusses management techniques for phosphorus (P) and potassium (K) in soybean production. Mullen says it’s important to have a holistic plan that factors in all macronutrients. Key Takeaways Understanding P and K Chemistry o   What happens in soil? 99.9% of P and K in the soil is not able to be utilized Soil tests focus on Exchangeable K to measure adequate potassium Soil tests focus on Absorbed P to measure adequate phosphorus o   How does soil testing work? Lab tests flood samples with ammonium to show an estimate of Exchangeable K Dissolved [...]

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