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January 2016

Agronomy: WEBINAR: 4Rs Training, Fertilizer and Manure Calculations

Bill Simmons, Ph.D., professor emeritus of soil and water management at the University of Illinois, dives into fertilizer and manure calculations to help prepare those who are taking the CCA Certification Exam. Watch the webinar below to get a comprehensive review of key concepts that are likely to be covered on the test. Key Takeaways: Important areas to review include: Knowing what steps to take when any of the nutrients in a soil test are below the critical value. Converting one unit to another. lbs/ac to kg/ha Calculating the P2O5 and K2O that you will lose on a field [...]

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Agronomy: WEBINAR: Six Secrets of Soybean Success

Fred Below, Ph.D., professor of plant physiology and crop sciences at the University of Illinois, shared the “Six Secrets of Soybean Success” to help soybean growers increase yields through better management practices. Watch the webinar below to hear his latest research results and learn how growers can apply these research findings on their farms. Key Takeaways: The six most important factors to consider for soybeans include: Weather: This has the biggest impact on soybean yields, as it influences planting date, soil moisture, and contributes to the overall growing success of the plant. Fertility: Based on field trials, extra fertility—especially [...]

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Agronomy: Profitability Matters: Futures & Options: How to Market your Crop

Aired: January 2016 With the low commodity prices of 2015 likely to continue in 2016, many advisors recommend cutting costs. Meanwhile, growers are afraid that doing so may lead to minimizing the bushels they have to sell. In these times of tighter margins, it’s critical to look closely at on-farm finances and identify the available options to make a greater profit, such as with futures, options and overall grain marketing. “Managing risk will be one of the bigger parts of farmers’ operations in the next couple of years,” says Matt Bennett, independent grain marketing consultant. “It’s times like this [...]

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Agronomy: Seeds Shouldn’t Go Naked

There will be a tendency to cut production costs in 2016. It will be difficult to make a profit on soybeans with projected prices and current yields. So to move production into the black there will be a desire to cut some input costs. And seed treatment might be one input to be cut. If you remember a decade ago, soybean seed was rarely treated; farmers often did it themselves when they loaded their planters. When planting, you never know what seedling diseases and insect pests your crop may encounter. And if the weather during your planting window is [...]

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Agronomy: 2015 Crop and Income Outlook – Conserve Cash Income

This is a presentation summary from the 2015 Illinois Farm Economics Summit (IFES) which occurred December 14-18, 2015. A complete collection of presentations including PowerPoint Slides (PPT) and printable summaries (PDF) are available here. Net incomes on Illinois farms have decreased form an all-time high near $290,000 in 2012. In 2014, net income for Illinois grain farms enrolled in Illinois Farm Business Farm Management (FBFM) averaged near $100,000 per farm. Much lower income levels are expected in 2015. If commodity prices do not increase in 2016, net income in 2016 likely will be at similar levels to that in [...]

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Field Day Video – Foliar Feeding with Loveland Products

ISA hosted its first regional ILSoyAdvisor Field Days this past summer. From August 4 – 6, we brought soybean experts to fields around the state to share the latest information, tools and technology that are producing higher yields and better profitability. Watch the video below to see how to get soybeans off to a good start, and view other presentations here.  Proper plant nutrition plays a critical role in producing a successful crop. Using foliar nutritionals is one way farmers can ensure their fields have the nutrients they need to produce as many pods as possible. Not only is [...]

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Profitability Matters: Looking Ahead to Succession Planning

Aired: January 2016 While lower prices have many farmers focused on their short-term profitability, succession planning is an important key to ensuring the longevity of their operations. Farmers should aim to balance both of these sides of on-farm finances to maintain profitability in the years ahead. “Many pockets of the ag industry, in commodity crops especially, are tightening their belts right now,” says Paul Neiffer, certified public accountant and business advisor with CliftonLarsonAllen, LLC. “They’re getting ready to file taxes and looking at their financials, making this the perfect time to look more closely at estate planning.” In this [...]

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Agronomy: Growing Continuous Beans: A Southern Illinois Perspective

As we are in the middle of planning the 2016 crop, I am getting a few questions about beans following beans. This is something we have done—off and on—for many years to reduce cost per acre of inputs and hopefully improve cash flow. It can work but it is a tricky proposition. With today’s high seed cost, weed resistance issues and generally less effective genetic disease resistance, it is tougher today than in the past—but not impossible with high management. We will go over some of the primary issues and let you make your own decisions. The first issue [...]

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Field Day Video – Going for 100 with Stoller USA

ISA hosted its first regional ILSoyAdvisor Field Days this past summer. From August 4 – 6, we brought soybean experts to fields around the state to share the latest information, technology and tools that are producing higher yields and better profitability. Watch the video below to see how to get soybeans off to a good start, and view other presentations here. Achieving the ultimate goal of 100 bu/ac soybeans is no simple feat. A few tips include minimizing stress on the plants, identifying the critical growing stages, and then supplying the plants with foliar products to optimize their growth [...]

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Agronomy: 2016 Soybean Summits

If your mission is yield, you can’t miss the 2016 Soybean Summits. These free day-long sessions, which are funded in part by the Illinois soybean checkoff, will provide producers with the tools to increase yields and improve their bottom line. There are three sessions throughout the state: Friday, January 29 in Effingham: Thelma Keller Convention Center Effingham Agenda Register for Effingham Thursday, February 25 in Peoria: Peoria Civic Center Peoria Agenda Register for Peoria Friday, March 11 in Rockford: Giovanni’s Convention Center Rockford Agenda Register for Rockford Topics include: Double crop soybeans Phosphorous management Drones in agriculture Using technology [...]

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